Our 3 Platforms

We have made three easy-to-use solution in order to help SMEs (small & medium size enterprises) with digitalisation process of their organisation. You can create reliable e-commerce websites, customised mobile applications and manage your organisation's events and happenings by using these platforms.

Web Kiosken

Web Kiosken

Extend your sales beyond the borders and reach out to the customers anywhere, anytime. Get your e-commerce website connected to all required services including logistics, payment and accounting and more. The only thing you need to do is start selling.
App Kiosken

App Kiosken

DIY (Do It Yourself) environment for making mobile applications. We made it in a way that you don't need any programming or coding skills. Just pick the features that you need, add the conents and your mobile app could be functional on multiple platforms within a few hours.
Event Manager

Event Manager

A One Stop Shop for managing the events before, during and after happening. We strongly claim that we have successfully collected all the feature which you need for managing events on a single platform. This service is totally Free during the first year after you join it.

Choose your Web Hosting service wisely

Choosing between hundreds of web hosting companies which are vying to take over the job, sometimes feels frustrating. In this case, the worst thing to do is validating the cheapest solution or looking for the lowest offer. 

You need to pick a suitable service which is fast, secure, reliable, has good support, meets your required technological demands and is possible to upgrade in future.

Before taking any actions, please read and review a short and quick help that we provided here.

Web Design

Tailored design for your website based on the nature of your business and your products or services

Web Development

Let us create a digital solution together which fulfills your requirements and customers' expectation

Mobile Design

Take your business or organisation to the next level by putting it in the palm of customer's hand by a mobile application

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Nordic Digital Ventures AB (Org. Number: 559101-1068) is a private sector company which supports SMEs in digitallisation of their organisation by providing web and mobile based platforms. We have a keen attention and focus on startups specially in Sweden who need fast, low cost and expandable solutions to develop their business.

We are also open to offer our services in exchange of contribution in new startups' organisation such as shares or equity.